OK, let's try to get through this together, because my girlfriends are in a tizzy about the misunderstanding that NASA has changed their zodiac signs! First off, NASA doesn't dabble in astrology, just science! The space agency explained the difference between astronomy and astrology on their blog that is geared toward kids. They pointed out that there are actually 13 constellations, instead of the 12 that the zodiac calendar is based on. Blame the Babylonians! Three thousand years ago the Babylonians divided the zodiac into 12 equal parts and picked one constellation for each so that it seemed as if the earth were passing through each one. Problem was there were really 13 constellations and since it messed up their calendar, they left one out. The constellation's name is Ophiuchus. Ooops! NASA doesn't want you to get your zodiac tattoo removed or leave your partner for not being your astrological match, they were just doing math and worked poor, left-out Ophiuchus into the mix for the sake of science. I'm not that attached to being a Virgo and this news should not send you off your axis! In other space news, the skies aren't the same as they were three thousand years ago. Just like me, with age things have shifted.

Don't fret because your constellation isn't where it once was, if you feel like a Leo then be a Leo!



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