Standing O and kudos to this well-deserved shoutout!  NASA is in the news pretty consistently.  Maybe they have a new PR person, who knows, but we're hearing so much about their advances and missions, and often in language we can understand.

Are you ready for this?  In case you didn't know, a New Hampshire company deserves tons of praise for the historic photos released by NASA where we see, for the first time ever, those stunning photos seen around the world from the James Webb Space Telescope.

Any stunning deep space photos you see diving deeper than every before into a galaxy far, far away, is thanks, in part, to them.

NASA, ESA, CSA, STScI, Webb ERO Production Team
NASA, ESA, CSA, STScI, Webb ERO Production Team

The James Webb Space Telescope found the first galaxies that formed in the early universe, and was able to peer through dusty clouds to see stars forming planetary systems that have never been seen in the history of the world, until now.

I mean, WOW!  This brings chills whether you're into space or not.

Congratulations and thank you to Optical Soluntions, Inc. in Charlestown, New Hampshire, for playing such a significant role in helping make NASA's photos from the James Webb possible with this newest telescope now in the arsenal of our studies and visuals of the galaxy.

NASA, ESA, CSA, STScI, Webb ERO Production Team
NASA, ESA, CSA, STScI, Webb ERO Production Team

Optical Solutions, according to their website, made near-infrared lenses that are used on the James Webb Telescope. And there are dozens of them. This project with NASA and Optical Solutions has been going on for 16 years!  Talk about the realization of the constant work that goes into space exploration that we take for granted.  What a history-making moment for them to see this extraordinary work come to life for the world to see, advancing our knowledge about what's out there.

Brad Piccirillo and Mike van Vranken are both parts of this project with Optical Solutions.

I take great pride in it. I actually cried ‘cuz I know the images are coming through our lens.

We’re basically creating a time machine, looking 13 billion years into the past,

So if you haven't heard of it before, now you know Optical Solutions, Inc. in New Hampshire.

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