Three miles south of Wells, on the northbound side of Route 1 is a little shop shaped like a wheel of cheese laying on it's side.

There's a happy mouse with a droopy ear on the top of that wheel who meets you with a smile. The wheel appears to have a big wedge cut out of it and that is where you enter the wonderful Wine & Cheese Shop in Moody, Maine.

I've been going to this place for decades.


Once inside you realize the place has much more to offer than just wine and cheese. They have a deli out back where you can get huge delicious sandwiches, sodas and beer. In front of the deli is a cooler filled with various cheeses and dips that are irresistible.

Dips like feta and olive, Mediterranean and port wine all made in house.

And the cheese selection is plentiful. One of my favorites is their "Truckers cheese" which is a sharp cheese like no other.

Their wine selection wraps around an entire room with wines from all over the globe.


And then there's "Skin" the owner of the Wine & Cheese Shop who greets you with a "Hey Skin!" See, he calls everybody Skin. And everybody calls him Skin as well. Some people go in just to see Skin, stay and chat for a while.

He's quite a character and a town favorite, always quick with a joke and that infectious laugh of his will have you chuckling right along. I try to make the short road trip at least once a year to see ol Skin and grab some Truckers cheese and a few dips, and this past weekend I finally made it down to see Skin.

It had been a while since I had paid him a visit and I was amazed that he remembered me. When I walked in I yelled "Hey Skin!"

He was on the phone but cut the conversation short, "I gotta go, Skin just walked in."

"Bout time you get back down here Skin" he said with a smile and began telling me about a new bottle of wine he had just gotten. We talked for a few minutes but my mind was on that feta and olive dip that, as Skin says, "is wicked yummy..momma just made it out back."

I grabbed some dips, cheese and wine and made my way to the counter.

As I was checking out he shook my hand and slapped the back of it like he's done for years.


See ya next time Skin!