We've had a nice run of tasty Halloween treats to choose from in the past few Head to Head challenges. Now it's time to visit the dark side. The sad findings in Halloween bags that make us question the humanity of neighbors. How are these candy?!

First I present to you, Mary Janes. Bleck! Peanut and molasses. They smell funky and have a grainy mouth feel and the flavors are indistinguishable. They taste like sticky saw dust to me.


Next, I submit the Necco Wafer! They are tasteless discs with a powdery residue on them. They do not melt in your mouth or change texture. They would make better board game pieces. As a matter of fact, when I was 5 I tried to eat the hat from a Monopoly game and it tasted better than a Necco Wafer.


So let's do this Head to Head differently. Which to you detest more?




There will be some certified tasty treats at The Townsquare Halloween Carnival October 31st at Portland Company, 58 Fore St. in Portland. Trunk or treating and lots of family fun from 2-5. And it's weather-proof!

At 8 o'clock adult ghouls will get down at The Spirit of Portland to Motor Booty Affair and Hello Newman! Grown up drinks from Allen's Coffee Brandy, Gritty's beer and Tito's Handmade Vodka and cash prizes for the best costumes! Get your tickets now!