Because of the growing spread of coronavirus, the number of people donating blood at American Red Cross centers is way down. That along with blood drives being cancelled is becoming a bigger problem as each day passes. While no time really is, this is absolutely not a good time for a shortage.

It is completely understandable why people are reluctant to give blood. But we've got to do our best to get the reserves to a level that helps all those in need of lifesaving blood now, and for those growing numbers of people will.    .

The Red Cross would love to see you if you are healthy, willing, and able. As the pandemic continues, the Red Cross has a critical need for more blood to be in supply. Please consider making an appointment today.

Here's an important message from the American Red Cross of Maine Facebook page

"We understand why people may be hesitant to come out to a blood drive or blood donation center but want to reassure the public that we have implemented additional precautions to help ensure the safety of our donors & staff in response to concerns about the coronavirus."


Take a good look at the explanation below of preparations that the Red Cross blood donation centers are taking to ensure your safety while you give the gift of life.


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