Dave McKeen, Marie, and the whole crew at United Ag and Turf on John Deere Road in Auburn are at it again! This is not just a fantastic place to see John Deere tractors. It's full of wonderful folks who are always up to doing good in the Lewiston-Auburn area. Whether it's helping blow leaves off someone's yard or visiting local icons on their 100th birthday, United Ag and Turf are great partners of ours and the entire community. Right now they are having a Thanksgiving Food Drive for the residents of John F Murphy homes and they need YOUR help.

Just swing by United Ag and Turf with your non-perishable food items. The great folks there will handle it all safely and then bring the food to the homes. We all need something to make us smile and feel good right now, and we guarantee that helping out on this food drive will do just that! As well as remind us all, that despite everything in 2020 that we have a lot to be thankful for.

JFM is a special place! For over 35 years, people with developmental disabilities living in the Greater Lewiston-Auburn area have been calling John Murphy Homes just that…home John F Murphy Homes provide housing to those who require specialized support that is not otherwise available in the community.


United Ag and Turf

In Auburn John F Murphy Homes have:

5 houses that support 4 people in each home (20 people total)

3 houses that support 3 people in each home (9 people total)

6 houses that support 2 people in each home (12 people total)

3 houses that support 1 person in their own apartment (3 people total)

That is quite a few folks (44 people)!

United Ag and Turf

Thank you so much for helping out with the food drive. We love ya United Ag and Turf!



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