We love hearing all the GOOD NEWS stories that are happening all over Maine these days. Mainers are helping Mainers like never before. We saw this story in the Sanford- Springvale Facebook group and were so inspired by it. Emily Frechette is from Wells. She was helping her son learn some math as he was online schooling but taught him a valuable lifelong lesson along the way. Emily's son learned about serving others with his very own food drive!

Emily wrote:

My son is home for distant learning, but I wanted him to be involved in the community and helping others that are less fortunate during these difficult times. I found this idea online and decided to do it with my son. He sorted the food, counted the bags, and used addition and subtraction to fill each bag. Each bag is filled with a roll of toilet paper, paper towel, spaghetti, sauce, peanut butter, jelly, canned veggies, pancake mix, and maple syrup. 


Emily Frechette Facebook


The bags are now outside Home Heating Solutions in Sanford. Emily and her son are inviting anyone who needs one to take one for themselves or another loved one. Well done and thank you!

Emily also wanted to thank the folks who helped put this together:  Meserve’s Market in Wells, Partners Bank, and Home Heating Solutions. This little project inspired us and we hope it inspires you to do something for your little corner of Maine.


Herb Ivy


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