Valentine's Day in Maine

Maine is naturally a romantic state, filled with top-rated restaurants, historic and charming buildings and landmarks, and spectacular views of diverse landscapes.

No matter where you go in our beautiful state, you are bound to feel the love in the air, especially in February.

Whether you're in love or terrified of dying alone, Valentine's Day is a day to celebrate. You don't need to be married to the love of your life to celebrate a day of love, it's just about showing and expressing your care and adoration for those who mean the most in your life.

It's also a time to spread love to strangers, which is why I love Valentine's Day decorations this time of year. Hearts scattered all around and more flowers around than usual is certain to add a little warmth to your heart and make you feel good.

Valentine's Day Dates in Maine 

Valentine's Day is celebrated in so many different ways, with some people balling out on expensive dinners and gifts and others just having a simple and comfortable night in with pizza takeout and a movie.

Maybe you're going on a date with your love or you're spending time with friends and family, no matter what you choose to do, you have plenty of options here in Maine.

We asked our audience where the most romantic places in Maine are to take a Valentine's Date and the answers poured in.

Before you harp on me for a lot of answers being in Portland, I just listened to our audience! A lot of them are in Portland but there are also spots on this list around Maine.

These are the places in Maine where our listeners claim are the most romantic places to bring a Valentine's Date.

What are your plans for the holiday?

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