"Documentaries" like "Woodstock" and "Let It Be" are really another category, and we're leaving out cinematic drivel like "FM" where the music was new and made specifically for the film.

We've been talking movies all week long and, musically speaking, these are the ones that nail it (classic-rock-wise)...

"Pirate Radio" (2009) - Well, you got the fantastic, late great Phillip Seymour Hoffman, an outlaw radio station in the '60's, and 32 tracks that add up to pure '60's heaven. There are One-Hit Wonders ("Fire" by The Crazy World of Arthur Brown), some key British Invasion classics (Stones/Kinks/Yardbirds), a good dose of Motown (Smokey/Supremes/Jr. Walker) and, of course, Leonard Cohen ("So Long Marianne"). There's lots more. Almost too much more. This highly recommended set is so flawlessly on-the-money you may never have to actually watch the movie itself. 

"Casino" (1995) - What's better than watching Robert DeNiro and Sharon Stone chew up the scenery? This two CD set, that's what, and it's beyond fabulous. Assembled by Robbie Robertson, there's rootsy stuff (Muddy Waters, Little Richard), there's deep stuff ("I Ain't Superstitious" by Jeff Beck & Rod Stewart, "Those Were The Days" by Cream), and there's stuff you never thought you'd hear on the same disc (Devo and Dean Martin, anyone?). An amazing and perfect collection (look it up here).

"Watchmen" (2009) - A comic-book movie would, just by its nature, get it right, and this one does not disappoint. You got Janis Joplin and Simon & Garfunkel, but there's also Billie Holiday, KC & The Sunshine Band and The Budapest Symphony Orchestra's "Ride Of The Valkyries" which is about as rock and roll as a classical piece can get. Quite a mix and quite the hoot, too (check it out).

Honorable Mentions Totally Worth Your Time: "Easy Rider" (1969) and "Dazed And Confused" (1993). Both offer serendipity in spades.

What else ya got?

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