This "no concert thing"  because of this global pandemic thing has been slowly weakening my soul and spirit. Will we get back to live music in the Fall? Please don't say next summer as I don't know if I can wait that long. And to what lengths will we go to see a live show? In Germany, this past weekend, DORO, who is known as the "Queen of Heavy Metal" had a concert at a drive-in. And you know what? it looked pretty cool!



I love how DORO goes out into the crowd. And the car horns and flashing lights are fun and add to the metal madness. You might not be able to do this with a soft acoustic act, but with metal, you can let it rip! The best thing about the video is how happy the fans are. They are SO PUMPED to be at a show. It only makes me want it more. But I know we have to do it safely.  I did not see a lot of people in the DORO drive-in show video wearing masks. But you should! In fact, wearing a black mask to a metal show would be such a metal thing to do. Maybe I need to order one with cool studs in it. Do they make black leather ones? This could add a whole new level to the hard rock concert experience.

Check out the DORO soundcheck? I like that they call it a "Moviepark" in Germany. It's a bit more rock and roll than "Drive-In."

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