For the second time in the last few years, Palace Playland in Old Orchard Beach, Maine, is adding a new thrill ride into the mix at their beachfront amusement park. After teasing what the ride would be for a couple of weeks, Palace Playland has announced that the Cliffhanger will join several of their favorite thrill rides as a new attraction for the 2022 season.

Facebook via Palace Playland Amusement Park
Facebook via Palace Playland Amusement Park

What is the Cliffhanger?

While the Cliffhanger may be new to Palace Playland, it may look very familiar to fans of amusement rides and traveling carnivals around the country. The ride itself is meant to simulate hand gliding without all of the inherent risk of actually hand gliding. Instead, riders of the Cliffhanger will be lifted a few feet off the ground and then spun at a 65 degree angle. As the ride builds speed and lifts, riders will feel like they are hand gliding approximately 50 feet in the air.

Facebook via Palace Playland
Facebook via Palace Playland

How Many Riders Per Chair? Is it Too Intense For Kids?

The Cliffhanger is designed to safely fit three passengers in per vehicle, with several vehicles operating at once. The Cliffhanger is considered to be a high-intensity ride, with restrictions involving height and weight put into place to ensure safety for every rider on the attraction.

When Does Palace Playland Open for the Season?

Rides at Palace Playland will open for the first time on Saturday, May 28 (weather permitting) as part of Memorial Day weekend festivities in Old Orchard Beach. Rides will be weekend-only until the full summer season kicks off on Friday, June 17.


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