We sure are lucky to call New Hampshire home.

From the mountains to the beaches and everything in between, there's no shortage of things to do here year-round, as well as in the neighboring states of Maine, Massachusetts, and Vermont.

When it comes to New Englanders in general, it's no secret that we can be an interesting breed. As with all parts of the country, our locals have their regional quirks. We tend to have direct and often blunt personalities (as opposed to being two-faced), accents (we're looking at you, Bostonians and Mainers), and an undying love for Dunkin', the outdoors, and of course, New England sports teams (Brady may as well be a local god at this point).

But when it comes to New Hampshire specifically, what makes someone a Granite Stater besides, well, residing in New Hampshire? What would be in an "I'm From New Hampshire" starter pack, for instance? If someone were getting their start here in our state, what are the quintessential items they'd need to feel like a real local?

We decided to ask the good people of Facebook to find out, and received lots of responses. So, here's a look at some of them:

Here's What Would Be in an 'I'm From New Hampshire' Starter Pack

Now, here's a look at some of New Hampshire's unwritten rules that all Granite Staters know. How many do you follow?

12 Unwritten New Hampshire Rules That All Granite Staters Know

Many New England towns can be challenging to pronounce. Here are some of the top mispronounced towns that show you're not from New Hampshire.

Top Mispronounced Towns That Show You Are Not From New Hampshire

How can you identify a Granite Stater in a line up? They will be able to perfectly pronounce every town on this list! Pronouncing something phonetically is not always how we roll here in New Hampshire, and the real ones know that.

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