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Bill Belichick Giving Tom Brady A Game Ball Is A Beautiful Thing
It was a beautiful moment after last Thursday nights win over the Giants. The Pats were in their victorious locker room for the post-game speech and celebration. Coach Belichick praised his team for a solid win and then had a special moment for Tom Brady, who had just gotten to the #2 spot all-time …
VIDEO: It Felt Like a Home Game Against The Redskins
If you were watching or listening to the Pats victory over the Redskins on Sunday afternoon, you couldn't help but notice the ZILLIONS of Patriots fans in the crowd in Landover, MD. At times it seemed like a home game! You know, like when the Patriots go to Tampa Bay and there are more Sox fans…
Tom Brady and Julian Edelman Are Back At It
Sure, it's only been 84 days since the Patriots won a Super Bowl, but the dynamic duo of Tom Brady and Julian Edelman are not resting on their laurels. Brady posted this throw and catch to his Instagram page yesterda

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