The global pandemic has sent gas prices to the lower they've been in sixteen years. It makes sense. I drove a total of 21 miles in the entire month of April. No kidding! We do expect prices to go up with vacations and summer travel but still, it's not the $4.08 we paid back in 2008.

Here's a list of the cheapest gas prices in Maine in the past 24 hours (June 21st, 2020). The average cost for a gallon of gas right now nationally is $2,12. The lowest we found here in Maine was $1 63. Check out some of these bargains. I love Mainers because we will drive an extra 100 miles in order to save 3 cents on a gallon of gas!!

According to Maine Gas the cheapest places to get gas are:

  • $1.63 at the Citgo in Winterport.  WOW!
  • $1.89 at the Citgo in Etna
  • $1.89 at the Walmart in Auburn
  • $1.92 at the Mapleton Oil Co. in Fort Fairfield
  • $1.93 at Murray's Mega-Mart in Turner
  • $ 1.94 at the K &D Corner Store in West Newfield
  • $ 1.94 at Tabor's Variety in Standish
  • $ 1.94 at the Irving in Kittery
  • $ 1.94 at the Atlantic Farms in Portland
  • $ 1.95 at the Peaslee's in Jefferson
  • $ 1.95 at the B&M Market in Belmont


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