Portland, Maine Gas Prices

It’s not breaking news lately that gas prices are soaring across the country. I almost drove off the road when I saw the price surge above $4.00 in Falmouth and now we’re seeing prices close to $5.00 around the state.

A Prius was fueling up behind me at the gas station the other day and I just stared in envy. Usually, I'm glancing at a Cadillac or Audi with a look of jealousy but dang, now is not a bad time to be swerving around in a Toyota.

You sort of just get used to it. You need to get gas anyway so you can’t really fight it or ignore it. You have the initial shock of, holy crap gas is above $4, and then it just becomes part of your every day as you drive by gas station after gas station.

Irving Gas Station on Commercial Street

Today’s gas price in Portland was more than just a shock. I quite literally almost rear-ended the car in front of me trying to figure out if my eyes were deceiving me. Ironically, I was on my way home to get my glasses because I forgot them and the world was a little blurry, so I really thought I was seeing things when I saw this gas station sign.

Townsquare Media

I got my glasses, drove back through town, and saw that I had been perceiving the sign on Commercial Street correctly. But there's no way... Obviously, this outrageous gas price has to be a typo. Join Irving's Reward program and… pay double?

Honestly, it kind of makes me feel better about the $4.29 price. I'm terrified of seeing it go above $5 but if it ever actually hit $8.79... I'd take that money, invest in Tesla, and walk the 4 hours to work.

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