Are there really no evil spirits of any sort allowed in this state park?

We've been to Quoddy State Park on numerous occasions to see the infamous candy-striped lighthouse that sits on the easternmost point of land in the United States, just past Lubec.  But, we've never noticed the gargoyles before that line the almost very top of the structure. Thanks to this video posted to Facebook by Bob Duchesne, we now have a clear view as to why they are there.

Are they truly there to ward off evil under their ever present watchful eyes perched high above?

Well no, not really.

Within the land of architecture, a gargoyle is actually called a grotesque, which is a  carved mythical and decorative figure that features a spout to move rainwater away from the structure from which it sits.

These are especially noticeable in big cities like New York, where you may see vast amounts of them lining the sides of skyscrapers.

If you look really close at a gargoyle, or grotesque, in this video, you can see the water spout coming out of the figure's mouth.  It must be quite the sight to see those figures spewing forth rainwater in the middle of a downpour.

Bob Duchesne via Facebook

Why are they shaped like they are?

French legend says that at one time a former chancellor in that country killed a dragon like creature and brought it back to town to be burned.  Well if you know anything at all about dragons, then you know that they breathe fire, and everything burned for the chancellor but the fire proof head of the beast.  The head of this particular dragon was then mounted to the side of a church to ward off evil spirits, and a tradition was born.

Do gargoyles really ward off evil?  Well, the Quoddy Head Light is still standing, so you tell us.

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