Yikes! Being employed is expensive! A new study done by CareerBuilder.com, shows that the average person spends about $3,300 a year working. That doesn't even include day care for the kids.

The biggest costs:

  • Gasoline- 84% of us drive.
  • Lunch- 72% bring their own, 50% spend more than $100 a month and 13% spend at least $200 a month buying it.
  • Coffee- It depends on how bad your need is! 49% buy at least one cup of coffee a week, 71% spend less than $40 a month on coffee, 25% spend between $40 and $100 a month and 3% are taking a big hit and giving up over a hundred bucks a month for their work day fix!

Like you didn't hate your job enough?!

Looking for a new job? That'll cost ya' too! About 27% of people searching for a new gig invest around $200 on a combination of new clothes, transportation and printing costs for resumes and cover letters.

How much do you estimate you spend a month being employed? Comment on our Fan Page or tweet #cantaffordtowork

Get your bicycle tuned up and learn to love egg salad sandwiches.


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