Should the Speed Limit on I-295 be Reduced? [POLL]
Two state lawmakers are proposing lowering the speed limit from 70 mph to 60 mph between Falmouth and Brunswick. Crashes between Falmouth and Gardiner have gone up 32% since increasing the speed limit to 70 mph. There were 354 accidents on that stretch of I-295 in 2015 alone...
Mainer’s Are Blocked In By Road Work! [VIDEO]
All across Maine travel is painfully slow because of roadwork and construction. This is the mouth of my little dead end street. I have to wait forever to join traffic! I missed the ferry out to Peak's Island last week and was almost late one day picking up my kids from summer camp...
Hey Blimpsters, How Much Do You Spend A Year to Work?
Yikes! Being employed is expensive! A new study done by, shows that the average person spends about $3,300 a year working. That doesn't even include day care for the kids.
The biggest costs:

Gasoline- 84% of us drive
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Mainers Head to the Polls Today!
Polls are open until 8p.m. tonight and decisions will be made about school budgets, traffic patterns and plastic bags, among other things.

In Maine's First Congressional District, Republicans will vote for who will represent them against the incumbent Democrat, Chellie Pingree, on election day

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