According to News Center Maine, Apple is strongly recommending that people who use iPhones and iPads, perform a software update immediately.

The alert comes after the upgrades were made available yesterday.

News Center Maine's article reports that this is "to fix security flaws that might have been “actively exploited" by hackers."

The report also warns that Apple included "a rare note suggesting it was a serious threat."

Yikes! As soon as I saw this news on Facebook, I immediately grabbed my iPhone 8 and tapped the settings icon.

  • Once I was in there, I scrolled down to the word 'general' and gave that a tap.
  • Then, up pops the next page with 'software update' close to the top.
  • One more tap and the rest is up to the magic of Apple.
  • Now I'll just check the progress of the line cruisin' left to right under the logo.

Ok. Looks like we are good to go as the software has been successfully updated. Phew. Now the phone reboots and I enter my passcode to get back in.

There is one last thing I always do after an update. I go back into settings and repeat the first two steps above. I feel much better when I see the confirmation message, Your software is up to date.

Good. Now I can return to scrolling around and checking out all the cool stuff here on the WBLM app.

I also just made sure my iPhone was set to download and install IOS updates automatically. Just remember, the phone needs to be plugged in and connected to wi-fi.

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