So this happened. Yep, I got my official AARP Card in the mail. This is just one of the many things that has me feeling old lately.

On my list of mortality reality checks:

  • Pain in my right hip. A pain anywhere else in your body is not as elderly feeling as a hip. Now I understand why old people do that funny little waddle-walk, their hips hurt. Everybody waddlin', now you waddlin' too.
  • A cashier at Trader Joe's asked if I was a "retired person".
  • Kids that I graduated from High School with are grandparents.
  • All those "over 50" insurance company offers now apply to me.
  • What's with all of these freckles on my arms?!
  • I can no longer be a hand model, unless it's for age spot cream.
  • My favorite album, Pyromania, came out in 1983. Thirty three years ago.

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Your old friend,


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