This is hysterical. I've been driving the most haunted road to camp every week this past summer and had no idea of its history!


Route 2A has a sorted past with all kinds of stories of why it is haunted. First, let's locate where it is. Route 2A starts in Macwahoc, Maine, and goes to Houlton Maine. According to the University of Maine Route 2A...


This road through the Haynesville Woods is infamous for being haunted. The song “Tombstone Every Mile” by Dick Curless was written about the Haynesville Woods. The song talks about the large number of truckers that died on this stretch of road, so many that there could be a “Tombstone Every Mile.” There are numerous other stories about the “haunted” Haynesville Woods, including a story about a young woman that can sometimes be seen on the side of the road, appearing in front of cars, or running along the side of the road, clearly distraught. When asked if she needs a ride, she will explain that her husband needs help as they were in a car accident on their wedding day. When you get near the end of the road, she has been reported to disappear. There have also been stories about little girls seen on the side of the road whom when you give them a ride, also vanish. It is not known who the children are but in August of 1967, two young girls were reported to have been hit by a trailer truck.


Holy crap! I've heard about this haunted road in Maine and thought, 'Oh...I'll never be on it!' Not only am I on it - I travel through Haynesville! SPOOKY HAYNESVILLE MAINE! I will admit, I have not seen the ghosts, but you know that I will now! No, I'm not stopping and asking if they need a ride. Have you been on Route 2A? If so, have you seen a ghost? If you have, don't tell me!



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