According to, it is now illegal in Switzerland to boil lobster while alive. Lobsters also must be transported in their natural environment of salt water, rather than ice or ice water.

Some suggestions for a more "humane" death include:

  • Putting lobsters in the freezer to numb them first.
  • Electric shock. Not sure how to accomplish this one.
  • "Mechanical" destruction of the brain before boiling. That means a chef's knife between it's eyes for a quicker death.

None of these options sounds much better than being boiled alive to me. The most common opinion held by researchers is that lobsters lack the neural pathways to process pain. Of course, there are those who disagree and believe that lobsters do feel pain and that they experience a very inhumane death when thrown from bag to pot.

My dad used to do this trick when I was a kid. He said that it hypnotizes the lobster, or puts them to sleep. What do you think?

How do you cook lobster? Do you think Lobsters can feel pain? Comment on our Fan Page.


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