According to WCSH, the lines were long for people applying to adopt neglected dogs that were rescued in August from a home in Brunswick.

It was a hoarding situation that led to the seizure of a houseful of dogs. In all, 44 landed at The Midcoast Maine Humane Society Edgecomb campus for treatment and to be held during the investigation, which included charges of cruelty to animals.

The dogs are all pretty little, under twenty pounds and of various breeds. People travelled from all over to rescue the young to middle aged dogs and offer them a forever home. Lines were so long that people were given numbers.

Dogs that have been through a trauma like theirs need special care and a lot of love and understanding. In a follow up article, WCSH discovered that because the dogs were kenneled for so long they don't understand being treated as a pet. Some of the dogs are very fearful and they also need to learn to go to the bathroom outdoors because they have been left laying in their own filth and have not been house broken.

Caring for so many dogs for so long has left the shelter in desperate need of financial help. Contact them here and donate what you can. More dogs are expected to be available for adoption soon.

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