We New Englanders love our Patriots football and Boston Red Sox.  But even more so, we love to get outside and do our own thing, from athletic leagues in baseball, softball, and basketball, to rowing, pickleball, and tennis.  Whether we're out jogging or hiking, we definitely take advantage of our surroundings, especially in the spring, summer, and fall.  Cycling is another biggie, especially in Boston, where you often see families cycling along the Charles River and the more serious cyclists all geared up and zooming around.


So on that note, did you know that Boston ranks in the top 25 best cities for naked biking at #11?  Yes, it's actually a thing, and according to Boston.com, Boston just celebrated its 12th World Naked Bike Ride with full-on nude cycling (or whatever you're comfortable doing while joining the event).  There's even an Instagram page if you feel like looking. Three other cities in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut made this list on Lawnstarter.

LawnStarter checked out the largest 200 cities in the country to find the most naked-friendly of them all, based on bike-friendly cities, bike safety, climate, and nudity laws.  I've seen a lot in Boston from living there as well as just being out and about, but I've never seen a naked or nearly nude cyclist.  That's probably a good thing, but I must give them kudos.  If you're confident enough to bike around Boston with nothing or barely anything on, then more power to you. Just please wear a helmet, at least.

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