March in Maine. I love that every one this past week was acting like winter was over. The above-average temperatures certainly helped.

But PEOPLE! Do you FORGET? It's not spring until maybe late May. At the EARLIEST.

I swear, the summer is so perfect here in Maine that it somehow wipes out our memory (like that cool memory stick light thing from Men in Black), and we forget how horrible the weather can be this time of year.

But what is "normal" for March snow in Maine? The answer is 5.1 days with an average of 12.7 inches.

And normal temperatures?  The average high is 42 degrees with an average low of about 25 degrees.

In 2020, we got a snowstorm on the 3rd, which left 4 to 5 inches for the area. Pretty normal!

In 2018 we got hammered with several Nor'easters in a few weeks, including one on March 12th that left over a foot of snow in most of Maine!


And who could forget the March Blizzard from 2017?



March does not look like it's coming in like a lion, but we hope it goes out like a lamb! Remember this classic skit about March weather from weatherman John Belushi?



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