According to News Center Maine, the USDA has approved that the Maine Dept. of Education continue to provide free lunch to students who need it, even if their schools close due to COVID-19.

In the event that Maine schools close because of COVID-19, the summer feeding program would kick in.

Meals would be dropped off at various bus stops, with the help of the transportation department.

There are no official plans to close Maine schools, but having a plan for food insecure kids in our state is a great idea, because there are many.

According to Maine Public, Maine has the highest rate of food insecurity in New England. The national average is 11.1% and Maine's is 13.6%.

Some Maine families are eating low quality, low cost meals that lack nutrition, or they're skipping meals completely. Without food banks and free and reduced school meals, some kids would go an entire day without eating.

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