If you grew up in Gorham, Maine, especially in the 1980s and 1990s, then you know there were two ice cream options. Whether it was after school or little league, your destination for goodies would be Beal's on Route 25 or Sweets 'n Eats on Route 202.

Sadly, Sweets 'm Eats fell on hard times and closed some years back. The building's been a few other things since, including The Sweet Life, but has now laid vacant for some time.

However, there's new excitement, because a tenant has announced a brand new venture for the location.

Curbside Comforts, a successful local food truck, announced on social media that the company will be making the switch to a brick and mortar store. They will be taking over the former Sweet Life spot at 680 Gray Road (Route 202).

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The veteran and woman-owned store will be an entirely new concept for the location, and the town for that matter. Curbside Comforts is a plant-based restaurant, specializing in vegan cuisine. The menu includes vegan takes on some of the most popular comfort foods there are, including burgers, fried chicken patties, and macaroni and cheese.

Curbside Comforts will also have plenty of sweets, including candy bars and other delectable goodies. And, yes, they will be vegan as well.

According to its Facebook page, Curbside Comfort first opened the food truck back in the spring of 2021. It's been quite a meteoric rise for the company, considering they're already making the change to a brick and mortar. However, it certainly feels like this will be Gorham's gain.

This exciting new venture is expected to be open some time in May. Judging by the social media reaction, it seems the community is ready for Curbside Comfort's arrival.

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