Our dear friend Mr. Bob Marley is the King of Maine. And as King, we believe that he should rarely travel anywhere outside of his kingdom of New England. He is a treasure that should be protected at all costs! We recently saw that Bobby was in South Carolina visiting some friends. Now, the situation down in the South is that everyone seems and talks REALLY friendly. Much more so than up here. And I think all that friendliness is kinda freaking Bob Marley out.

Check out this funny video of Bob in a parking lot somewhere in South Carolina. They may seem nice but DON'T FALL FOR IT BOB! Do what you gotta do and then get back up here in Maine where you belong!

The best part of this video is hearing Bob do his Southern accent. We love ya, Bobby!


Bob has a ton of shows in New England coming up.


While we are hearing from Bob about life in the South, check out some of the things that people from away say to us that make us just roll our eyes:


Things People Say That Make Mainers Roll Their Eyes

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