Remember going to Toys R Us back in the day? I certainly do. I remember begging my parents to take me in so that I could purchase a new toy or game. So, of course, it was a sad day when many of us had to say goodbye to Geoffrey the Giraffe as Toys R Us announced its multiple closures.

I've been seeing more of Geoffrey the Giraffe on TikTok, and today found out some amazing news for anyone that loved going to Toys R Us. A big announcement was made and it seems that the Toys R Us comeback is getting bigger. That's right, get ready because Toys R Us could be coming near you.

Toys R Us Is Coming Back 

According to News Center Maine, every Macy's store in America will be getting an in-store Toys R Us before the holiday season. The first set of shops will start opening later this month and they are aiming to have all locations complete by October 15th.

It will be nice to get a Toys R Us back in Maine. According to Business Wire, the in-store shops will range from 1,000 sq. feet to 10,000 sq. feet. Unfortunately, we will not see one that is 10,000 sq. feet as those will only be located in their flagship locations (Atlanta, Chicago, Honolulu, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, and San Francisco).

What to Expect

Of course, you can expect to see some more toys, but there will be so much more.

It may feel like a blast from the past when you enter the in-store Toys R Us. According to Business Wire, the Toys R Us brand will come to life. There will be colorful fixtures and hands-on demonstration tables for you to interact with multiple toys.

Get ready for a  fun photo-op. There will be a life-sized Geoffrey the Giraffe on a bench that you can sit next to for some photos.

Business Wire states that to celebrate the openings, all Macy's stores will be hosting an event for nine days, from October 15th to October 23rd. This event will have family-friendly activities as well as daily giveaways from various toy brands.

It is exciting that Toys R Us is making a comeback, even if it is in another store.

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