Assembling a hot day playlist from another angle. With this third-day-in-a-row of high temps, we thought we'd go deeper lyrically, rather than simply pickin' "hot" titles (OK, there's one.) Let the streaming begin...

"Don't Stop Me Now" - Queen: "I'm burning through the sky, yeah/Two hundred degrees/That's why they call me Mister Fahrenheit..."

"Shiek" - ZZ Top: "My temperature had risen again/It must have been a hundred and ten..."

"Black Peter" - Grateful Dead: "Fever roll up to a hundred and five/Roll on up..."

"Hot Blooded" - Foreigner: "Check it and see/I got a fever of a hundred and three..."

"Blues For Baby And Me" - Elton John: "It's ninety in the shade babe/And there ain't a cloud in the sky..."

"New York" - U2: "In New York summer's get hot/Well into the hundreds/You can't walk around the block/Without a change of clothing..."

"Burning Down The House" - Talking Heads: "Three hun-dred six-ty five degrees/Burning down the house..."

"Burning Love" - Elvis Presley: "I feel my temperature rising/Help me, I'm flaming/I must be a hundred and nine..."

"A Hundred And Ten In The Shade" - John Fogerty: "It's a hundred and ten/Hundred and ten in the shade/Goin' way down/Mama won't you carry me..."

"99 In The Shade" - Bon Jovi: "And you know I just got paid/And I'm feeling fine, it's 99 in the shade..."

"Fahrenheit 451" - Hawkwind: "See the flames they're burning up/Burning so bright, Fahrenheit 451, Fahrenheit 451/The fun has just begun..."

"Someone's Looking At You" - The Boomtown Rats: "You know most killing is committed at ninety degrees/When it's too hot to breathe/And it's too hot to think..."

From here on out, we're hangin' by the AC.



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