According to USA Today, a study done by the non-profit group Youth Truth has shown a rise in bullying at our middle schools and high schools.

Some of the results:

  • Bullying starts in middle school and happens more frequently than in high school.
  • Most bullying does happen face to face, and often kids who are being cyber bullied are also getting abused in person as well.
  • Schools that are predominantly white have a higher rate of bullying.
  • The top three reasons students feel harrassed is number one, because of their appearance, number two, their sexual orientation and number three, their race.

Kids can be so mean, and what they laugh off as harmless can cause another child to fall into a depression, not want to go to school- and even drop out, they can fall behind academically, have difficulty sleeping, develop anxiety and become a more violent person later in life.

Bullies, as well as those that they bully, are more likely to develop mental health or behavioral problems.

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