It's no secret that there is an epidemic across the United States of animals in shelters that are desperately waiting to be adopted.

Maine is of course no exception to that rule.

However, sometimes when there's room, animals make their way from other states to Maine in hopes of finding a forever home.

Admittedly, I'm much more of a dog person than I am a cat person, even though we have cats at home, but I just couldn't pass up sharing these two adorable kitties with you all.

Truman, KVHS
Truman, KVHS

As I was scrolling the endless feed of Facebook over the weekend, I saw a wicked-cute photo go by and had to go back for a double-take.

The photo had been posted by the Kennebec Valley Humane Society of a pair of boys that had just arrived from Georgia.

The two cats, Smudge and Truman, are indoor cats who really enjoy attention. And the best part? Truman is freakin' cross-eyed.

I don't know what it is about him, but it is literally the cutest thing I'd ever seen.

Smudge, KVHS
Smudge, KVHS

The Kennebec Valley Humane Society said about the cats in part,

We'd like you to meet Smudge and Truman - two of the sweetest kitties you'll ever encounter! These guys are in need of a loving forever home and have come all the way to KVHS from Georgia to find it! Smudge and Truman are both indoor-only cats who enjoy attention often. Smudge loves to laze around all day and party all night, while Truman is the adventurous one who loves to climb on window sills and explore.
Could you be their new forever home?

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