If there's one thing I will never argue that Portland, Maine, has too much of, it's pizza shops. You can never have enough pizza shops in the city, especially if they're good. I will live and die by that statement. It'll be even more exciting to me if you hit me with the idea that a New York-style pizza shop is planning to open up in the city soon (Jersey-bred girl over here). So big shoutout to my friend Josh Miranda for exciting us all, and opening up yet another unique restaurant to look forward to downtown: Off-Track Pizza.


Known for bringing in successful, one-of-a-kind restaurants to the city like Via VecchiaBlyth & Burrows, Papi Portland, and Henry’s Public House, Miranda is onto his next business venture called Off-Track Pizza.

Josh describes his vision for Portland's new pizza shop:

A collaboration of long time Miranda Group people, hoping to fill the missing niche of New York Style Pizza by the Slice.

We may have tons of choices to grab a pizza from in Portland, but what we don't have is tons of by-the-slice choices (well, ones that are quality, at least).  Based off of the Miranda Group's history in hospitality, we already know that this new place will continue the trend and deliver excellence. I think the by-the-slice component is going to be bigger to the people of Portland than we'd already expect, and I'm real excited for the quality.

Side note: the focus may be on New York-style, by-the-slice za's at the moment, but they'll also be offering sandwiches and whole pies. Here's a piece sent to me by Josh:

attachment-Screenshot 2024-05-16 at 10.58.47 AM

Late-night pizza in the Old Port has been missing since last year when the Slice Bar closed, so I'm guessing this new place will fill that late-night void beyond expectations.

So far, tonight, Thursday, May 16, 2024, is the soft opening on Exchange Street, but we'll keep you updated as the hard launch date comes to reality (if you don't already see it pop up on instagram). Excited for you, Josh!

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