Some people are just wild, man. Wild in a way where just as you'd expect them to have some common decency in public, they go the entire opposite direction.

I won't say which theater, not that that part matters, but my friend and I went to go see Aquaman & the Lost Kingdom last week. Naturally, you go see a movie in theaters to get a change of pace outside your own living room, right?

Don't get me wrong here guys, I know when you choose to go out in public to watch a movie, you give up your right to expect perfect silence during a movie. And we totally understand that humans will be humans who need to cough, sneeze, or open a bag of candy during the show. However, I could have only wished that's what happened at this one.

About two rows in front of us, we start to hear the leather on the chairs moving around for a little bit...too long. They definitely caught our attention at this point, because it was almost overpowering the sounds from the show, LOL. And look, you do you, have fun with your life, but don't do it in front of kids, families, and innocent people that didn't ask for it because you want to fulfill some public fantasy here.

Without explaining too much here, I'll just say they absolutely were doing anything but watching the movie under a blanket that they must have brought. WILD. INSANE to me that they'd even attempt hooking up in the middle of a theater. I mean, they weren't even in the back row, or even a side row. These guys were in the middle row of this damn movie theater, not giving a damn that they may be heard or seen by everybody else around them.

One dad actually did end up taking his kid out of the movie before he could see what was going down. Dad caught on quick, HAHA.

Anyways, look, I'm a big advocate of living your life to the fullest. I was just shocked that these guys would do it RIGHT there, RIGHT in public around innocent families and children. C'mon guys, do better. Try a dressing room next time.

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