Ah yes, who doesn't miss the 1960s?

It was a time of free love, really corny television shows, a space race, and no sense of safety measures whatsoever.

You're probably wondering why I just brought that last topic up, but there's a reason for it. I recently stumbled upon an image that is downright frightening. An image that involves one of Maine's most popular pastimes, skiing.

Just look at how gnarly chairlifts used to be.

Old Pictures of Forgotten Maine via Facebook
Old Pictures of Forgotten Maine via Facebook

This image comes from a postcard that was shared by Brian Bartlett on the Old Pictures of Forgotten Maine Facebook page. The image is a double chairlift from Saddleback Mountain, most likely from the 1960s.

My initial thought is I would not do well on it. I can't say I'm the biggest fan of heights, and with no safety bar, I'd be an absolute wreck. Also, it does seem unusually high off the ground, though it may just be the camera angle.

Old Pictures of Forgotten Maine via Facebook
Old Pictures of Forgotten Maine via Facebook

I imagine it wasn't exactly a quick trip either. Just imagine the slow burn of anxiety with seconds feeling like minutes.

On the plus side, it does look like there is an infinite amount of snow on the mountain. Man, do I miss the days when it actually snowed in the winter.

I must say it's cool to see an image off the old Saddleback, a vastly underrated mountain.

Saddleback has cult status in Maine. People were stoked when it re-opened in 2020 following a five-year hiatus and ownership change. Saddleback is a massive mountain, with huge elevation and a killer expert section at the peak. The mountain is also known for its wonderful beginner section. Plus, you can't beat the views and surroundings. The Rangeley region is simply one of the best in the state.

According to Saddleback's website, the tentative opening date is December 2. This will make many folks in the Rangeley area very happy.

A huge thanks to Brian from 'Old Pictures of Forgotten Maine' for letting me share this incredible postcard. It's always fun to look back at this state's fascinating history.

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