Can those annoyed with Taylor Swift's limelight moments during NFL games say "melodramatic much?"

How much television time Taylor Swift has during each game will most likely shock you, considering the frustrating outcries from those dads, Brads, and Chads who think she dominates the Chiefs games.

Let's talk about the record-breaking viewing of the AFC Divisional game, when Taylor's boyfriend and the rest of the Kansas City Chiefs were in Buffalo taking on the Bills.

According to the Brobible website, Taylor was shown only five times during this roughly three-hour game for a total of 24 seconds. Yes, just 24 seconds in a game where Travis Kelce helped lead the Chiefs to a 27-24 win in an incredible game where it looked like the Bills would take it. Travis also hauled in five passes for 75 yards and two touchdowns.

In previous games, according to the Brobible, Taylor was shown five times for a grand total of 76 seconds, while it was just 12 seconds of screen time on New Year's Eve when the Chiefs beat the Cincinnati Bengals.

Oh, and in the Christmas Day game in Kansas City against the Las Vegas Raiders, we saw Taylor three times for a total of 14 seconds.

According to ABC and the New York Times, Taylor is barely shown with an average of around 24 seconds per game, and that includes the December 17 game when the Chiefs unfortunately defeated our New England Patriots at Foxboro 27-17.

That dissonance between how many times Ms. Swift is shown versus how many times people seem to think she was shown, has continued despite the reality that she is typically on screen for less than 25 seconds over the course of broadcasts that run longer than three hours, and her name is rarely mentioned.

Wow. It takes just seconds to trigger those dads, Brads, and Chads, doesn't it?

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