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Watch Fitzy's Funny Reaction To Gronk's Retirement
As we come to grips with the reality that Gronk is done, no one says how we're feeling better than our old pal, Fitzy. Here's some quicks thoughts from him "before he cried and/or drank himself to sleep last night." Thanks for giving us a little laugh through tears.
LA's Fire Chief Makes Good On Super Bowl Bet With Boston
Chiefs of Boston and Los Angeles fire departments made a friendly wager before the game that the Chief of the losing team would have to wear the winning team's jersey for the day on Tuesday as well as fly the winning team's flag not only at the fire station, but also on a truck
WATCH: Hilarious Fitzy Celebrates Number 6
"I liken Super Bowl 53 to a delivery pizza that flipped over on the way to your house. Yeah, it was pretty ugly and kind of a hot mess. But once you scrapped all the cheese off the box and got your hands around it...mmmm, mmmm."

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