According to News Center Maine, The Maine Recreation and Park Association is encouraging communities to take part in the "Maine Backyard Campout" to celebrate National Parks and Recreation Month.

The event is organized by the National Wildlife Federation and is intended to get communities backyard camping together. Every city or town involved is offering different events and activities. It's an opportunity to enjoy the outdoors with neighbors while social distancing. So much fun has been cancelled this summer, this is something to look forward to.

I'll admit, this is the kind of camping that I can get on board with. I am more of a glamper than camper; so being able to run into my own home to top off my wine, use the bathroom or even sleep in my own bed if I wake up freezing at 4 a.m., sounds awesome. I'll get the smore's and campfire chat without the commitment of sleeping outside. Hey, I've seen the wildlife around our house on the ring camera. I don't want a fox, skunk or opossum breaking into my tent for my strawberry Twizzlers.

There's a photo contest as well, so snap some pics of your backyard family adventure and send them to the Maine Recreation and Park Association.

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