Beatle Fans activate! The 50th-anniversary edition of Abbey Road is out and we are celebrating Friday night at the Maine College of Art. If you love the Beatles, you gotta come. It's free and you'll get to do your favorite thing. Listen and discuss all you know about John, Paul George and Ringo with other Beatles geeks. Let's go! 7-9pm

We'll be listening to select tracks from the newly remixed album with commentary from our panel.of music professionals. Afterward, you're invited to listen to the 5.1 surround mix in MECA's recording studio. That's worth the trip into Portland right there!

The panelists for Friday night:
Captain Herb Ivy - WBLM
Joe Boucher - PSO
Justin Kirchoff - MECA
Rachel York - MECA
Tim Tierney - Studio Owner
Chris U Browne - Bull Moose


The 50th-anniversary edition is full of cool this amazing "strings only"  edition of Something. Beautiful!



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