For decades, there seemed to be a system of sorts in place in Portland's Old Port. People would pile in to bars and restaurants and have some fun, and then satisfy their late night craving for food at a handful of places in town, most notably Bill's Pizza. The Commercial Street pizza dive has been an absolute institution for locals and visitors and unfortunately, after nearly 72 years, it appears it's time to say goodbye.

Shared on Facebook by Bill's Pizza, the shop announced that it would be closing its doors for good on February 28th. No particular reason was given as to why Bill's Pizza is closing their Portland location but given the massive downturn in foot traffic as well as restrictions on how late nightlife revelers are enjoying themselves in Old Port, one can imagine the damage done to Bill's Pizza bottomline in the last year. Regardless of the reason, Commercial Street will just feel different without Bill's Pizza filling the air with freshly cooked pies.

If you're a fan of Bill's Pizza, the Old Orchard Beach location is still remaining open and will continue to serve up their signature slices that have made them a landmark along the main drag. With a summer season that is starting to look a bit more promising, there's nothing to suggest that Bill's Pizza location will be going anywhere.

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As for Portland's Old Port, when the clouds clear from the pandemic, the landscape will undoubtedly look different. Some longtime fixtures like Bill's Pizza and Bull Moose have shuddered. Other favorites like The Holy Donut, Old Port Sandwich Shop and Pearl Nightclub have also closed permanently. Let's hope we don't lose any more of our favorites in the coming months.

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