These guys always make us laugh. This is special kind of comedy that we are more likely to get, rather than the people who don't live here. You know...those folks 'from away.' Not that there is anything wrong with those folks. They just probably wouldn't get a chuckle from these dubbahs.

See, it's a Maine thing. That being said, the reason we love the Welcome To Maine series so much is owed to the fact that it's created by two talented guys from here who also happen to be wicked friggin' funny. They get us, because there are us.

Those two guys are are James Theberge and Ian Stuart. James plays the part of Troy and Ian plays the part of Mark.

Troy boisterously gives us the history in each episode. Mark always brilliantly responds to everything Troy says, with "Yuht", "Oh Yuht" and "Ohhhhhhhh Yuht".

Since Welcome To Maine debuted in August of last year, Troy and Mark have hilariously reported from landmarks around the state. So far they've been to Portland Head Light, The Desert of Maine, The Moxie Store in Lisbon Falls, B & M Baked Beans in Portland, the Paul Bunyan statue in Bangor, Stephen King's house, the Cryptozoology Museum, and more.


This new episode finds Troy and Mark upta the Carrabassett Valley at the world famous ski mountain, Sugarloaf USA.

I wonder if the boys actually hit the slopes our do they do what I always do and hit the bah?

Let's find out with an all-new Welcome To Maine. 

Ian Stuart and James Theberge can be found performing live stand up comedy for social distanced audiences at Stroudwater Distillery on Thompson's Point in Portland. The shows are on Thursdays at 7pm and ya gotta make a reservation.

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