When it comes to having a laugh about what it's like to live and work in Maine, our friends at O'Chang Comics based in Rockland really know how make it happen.

They have a deep understanding of the unique characters that we are likely to encounter around here. Or maybe you see yourself when you watch their hilarious cartoon shorts.

We've been loving these cartoons on YouTube since their first episode, Meat Recall back in 2012. That was our first introduction to early versions of the lead characters we've come to know as, Green Bud Kelly and his apprentice Adam.

Since then, we've followed them on their Maine adventures as they get whatever work they can. The episodes feature everything from handyman jobs at summer homes for snobby people (probably from away) to hunting down zombie seals.

Recently we Mainers who love these cartoons got an exciting tease from the O'Chang Comics Facebook page.

According to a post last week on June 15, there will be a new episode of Temp Tales coming soon.

It looks like they'll be having some fun lampooning the the summer music and pot festivals here in Vacationland. I'm particularly excited to see this next Temp Tales as I will be going to my first Starks festival this summer. This animation still included in the post is a remarkable rendering of the festie stage and scene in Maine. No exact date for the release has been given yet, but we will keep our eyes on it for you.

While wait for the new one, let's watch this now classic episode of Temp Tales. In this one, Bud and Adam are doing a painting job on Maine's fictional Fantasy Island. After being reminded of the rules, Bud shows the uppity couple that hired them just how many 'F's he really gives.

Now watch out because they use true wicked Mainah language like jibbah, sh*tpokes, and burgly, gurgly, gurglers.

So, be careful who you show this to, bub. Wouldn't wanna upset someone without a friggin' sense of humor now would ya?

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