As worldly woman, I find it my responsibility to pass along my wealth of knowledge on the subjects that I have the most experience with.

Today is our wineglass tutorial. Of course all of these "rules" go out the window after your second glass of wine. Let's at least try to make a good first impression, shall we?

Holding a wine glass properly is actually a little tricky; the goal is to have as little contact as possible with the bowl of the glass so that you don't warm up your chilled wine. Most wines that are chilled are white. If you're drinking red, then hold the glass any way you want, but please at least pour it into a glass. We aren't animals after all.

  • If you are wrapping your hand around the wine glass like you are drinking a beer, you're doing it wrong. Better drink fast because this is the quickest way to warm up a chilled white.
  • Hold the glass by the stem to avoid warming up your wine and getting fingerprints on the glass.
  • You may feel cool holding your glass with your palm facing up and the stem between your ring finger and middle finger. Again, no.
  • Another way to hold your glass is to pinch the base and hold it that way, but it's pretty awkward and you might look like a wine snob.

This is my favorite wine glass, Dave Grohl. He let's me put my hands all over him and doesn't mind getting warm.

Yes, that's a Dave Grohl prayer candle. What?! That's not weird at all. I also made a shrine to Mrs. Butterworth, I find comfort where I can...

This is my newest wine glass, a birthday gift from my sister-in-law, Alisa. I'm da bomb. Get it?!

I gave her a Captain Jack Sparrow wine glass. She's waay into eyeliner. A shout out to all the Halloween pirates!


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Dave is calling, he's feeling empty.