Pairing Wine With Halloween Candy, Delish!
It's that time of year when two of my favorite things in the whole wide world mix together, Snickers and Chardonnay! Get the most flavor out of your candies and chocolates by pairing them with the right wine. You want the wine to be sweeter than what you are eating and to match the intensity of…
My Home Office. Am I Really a Grown Up?!
I've always been impressed by two little words. Home Office. Someone is important to have  a space dedicated to work! I can't even get time alone in the bathroom. This janky set up is MY version of a home office. A torn-up Minnie Mouse table, a box of tissues for my cold, and a glass …
Labor of Xmas Love
The glue gun got me! But wow, are these holiday sweaters UGLY! Just the way we like them! A WBLM listener will win his and hers sweaters, hand crafted by me, to wear to our Ugly Holiday Sweater Party this Friday night at Ocean Gateway in Portland!

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