Maine's viral star, Justin Peters is back! This week folks, he's on the road with friends headed down to Lincoln from Winn for some suppah.  In this video we get to meet some of Little Peters' crew, 'Hunter' and some lovely ladies in the back, 'Lil Bit' and 'Cousin Sam'. And oh yeah, Robert behind the wheel. Justin once again gives us great Wikid Mainah commentary while cruisin' down the highway. Yeee Yee!

On now, suppah has arrived. Think he can get a Moxie to wash that down?

From his Facebook Fan Page (which has grown by the thousands over the summer) here’s more about Justin from his Mom:

“Little Peters’, 17, a small town guy, sharing clean, positve Maine humor. He likes being a small town guy and enjoys the simple life here in Maine with his friends, that’s where he’s comfortable and what makes him happy. Not looking for fame or fortune, just likes laughing and being himself.”