It's both sad and heartwarming to hear of people rescuing animals in need.

On one hand, it's sad to see any animal that has gotten itself into a dangerous or life-threatening situation. At the same time, it's relieving when the story has a happy ending thanks to local authorities or citizens who step in to save the day.

Here's what happened to Ice, a Black German Shepherd from Bow, New Hampshire.

According to this Facebook post from Granite State Dog Recovery, Ice had only just arrived to her new home in Bow (on one of the coldest days of the year, at that), when she escaped and took off. She proved to be quite hard to catch, avoiding anyone who saw her. Unfortunately, Ice wound up getting hit by a car on Sunday, February 5, and the local police department was contacted.

But that's not where this story ends.

The injured yet determined Ice proceeded to run away from the police, according to the Facebook post. It was two days later on Tuesday, February 7, when the authorities got another call, this time from someone who spotted a dog fitting Ice's description. Resolving to catch this sweet girl and bring her home once and for all, the police set up a feeding station to try to lure her in. After all, what dog can resist a good snack?

Sure enough, Ice approached the feeding station, ate, and remained in the area. A trap was brought out that morning, but it wasn't until the following day when Ice eventually wandered into it and was rescued. Today, Ice is back with her family, safe and sound in her forever home.

Shoutout to everyone who helped catch this scared girl and bring her home. We're so happy that this story has a happy ending for all involved.

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