Spring has sprung at Lovebirds Donuts in Kittery.

Wife and husband business partners, Tamara Monroe and Ryan MacDougall have combined their individual talents to concoct a new line of beverages to celebrate the season that go perfect with their craft donuts.

Here are a few of the new beverages (and craft vegan donuts to pair with them) as recommended by Monroe.

First up, there's the Raspberry Matcha paired with a Berry Patch Donut, loaded with real berries in the glaze and on top.

Lovebirds Donuts

Then there's the Irish Cream Cold Foam paired with Birthday Party Donut, with sweet raspberry buttercream and caviar sprinkles.

Lovebirds Donuts

And there's the Yuzu Lavender Steamer paired with Glazed Brioche, a yeast-raised ring dipped in vanilla bean glaze.

Lovebirds Donuts

Of course, that's only the tip of the iceberg. You can check out their April 2021 menu of donuts here.

Lovebirds Donuts proudly serves an entirely vegan menu, as well as fair trade, certified organic coffee.

“As a shop that doesn't use dairy products, there was some initial hesitancy from long-time dairy-lovers about trying a cappuccino with oat milk, or they wondered how a decadent mocha latte could possibly be made without cow's milk,” Monroe admitted. “But in time, our drink program has grown exponentially. It's so fun and rewarding seeing folks excited about these creations!”

She explained the mission and inspiration that helped shape their business.

“Lovebirds Donuts was born from a love for food and fermentation. Ryan is a longtime hobby beer brewer and baker,and is most interested in the food science of breads and doughs. And me, I love creating memorable experiences," she said. "We combined our passions and opened our donut shop in Kittery, not far from where we both grew up in the Berwicks.”

Monroe was generous enough to share insider tips on the perfect donut/beverage combinations that will definitely bring a little sunshine to anyone’s day.

Lovebirds Donuts is located at 450 US-1 in Kittery, Maine. For more information, visit the website here.

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