Sound the alarm to the Lyman Resistance! Our great friends at Funky Bow Brewing got some awful news this week fro the State.  From Funky Bow founder Paul Lorrain's Facebook Page:

We ( Funky Bow and Town Line Family Restaurant ) received a letter from the Town of Lyman informing us that the State of Maine told them they had no right to issue either of us an Alcohol license to serve drinks on Sunday due to the fact that Lyman had not passed this at a town vote ( since 1980 ) - So now we have to come up with 300 or so signatures of Lyman Resisted voters to secure a spot on the spring ballot- If this is not done and passed it will be devastating to Town Line and will mean we at Funky Bow will have to stay open 2-3 more hours on Friday and Saturday which we do not want to do- so please come to one of our locations as a registered voter and sign the petition- 

The Funky Bow guys are great friends of ours, so please tell anyone you know in Lyman. Sound the alarm in the name of great Maine beer! One beer if by land, two beers if by sea!





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