For several years now, we've all heard about our TV celebrities from Central Maine who restore historic, rustic shelters in the woods and alongside the lakes in our beautiful state and freakin' blast doin' it.

But maybe you don't have DIY Network in your channel lineup haven't been able to see the show yet. Well here comes another place airing the hit series that you might have access to.

Starting last night, Maine Cabin Masters is on HGTV. For quite a while now, we've been wondering when it would get there. Now the wait is over.

We watch YouTube TV in our house and HGTV is one of the channels included. So, we are wicked psyched to be able to watch new episodes now.

Let's all add this to list of great shows to watch while we keep each other safe by staying home. After all, the more we share this fantastic news with our friends and the more we watch, the better the chances are that HGTV will keep airing it.

Congrats to our Maine supahstahs Chase, Ashley Ryan Lance Jedi and Dixie. We love you guys and are way pumped that more people can now watch this great show! Okay. I gotta go now so I can login to YouTube TV and add the show to my library make sure all the episodes get recorded.

Here's yesterday's announcement from the Maine Cabin Masters Facebook page.


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