Made in Maine

Maine Summah Paintin' Job With Plenty Of Smokie Breaks [NSFW]
In this now classic episode, Bud and Adam are doing a painting job on Maine's fictional Fantasy Island. Bud outrageously shows the uppity couple that hired them just how many 'F's he really gives. They use true wicked Mainah language like jibbah, sh*tpokes, and burgly, gurgly, gurgle…
You've Got To See This Maine Dude Rockin' Some Aerosmith
Earlier this week, Aaron took his guitar out to the deck to play some classic Aerosmith in the sunshine. He gives us a killer unplugged (although shortened) rendition of One Way Street from their 1973 debut album. Great vocals and guitar playing right here!
Great New Music Video For Hardworking Mainers
It's by fellow local laborers and moonlighting musicians, Flooded Cellar from Lovell. We've featured their wicked funny songs about everything from tick checks, to stacking wood, mud season and more. They get us, because they are us!

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