Made in Maine

Check Out This 1985 Alka Seltzer Commercial Filmed In Maine
Up heah we know a thing ah two about cold weathah and the runny friggin' nose that often comes with it. So, the big city advertising folks at made a wicked good choice when they decided to shoot a commercial in Maine featuring locals endorsing Alka Seltzer Plus cold medicine.
Wicked Funny: Maine’s Official Mud Season Music Video
Before long here in Maine there'll be buds on the trees, the grass will start getting green, crocuses will start poppin' up...yup, the spring thaw is upon us. But along with all those nice signs of the change to spring, comes the muck that gets us stuck in a rut! Mud Season!
Wicked Cool: Aerial Video of Giant Maine Snowshoe Design
This may be the most beautiful to come out of this endless winter we've been having here in Maine. A science teacher at Greenville High School in the Moosehead region took his students to the outdoor classroom recently. Together they created something amazing in the snowfield.
WATCH: A Salute To Maine Scallop Dragging, Bub
So much intense effort on the unsteady ocean is gone through to make sure we can enjoy some pan seared beauties at some fancy restaurant. A good attitude and a sense of humor is essential. No lack of that with these guys!

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