Made in Maine

Watch Fascinating Video About Maine Fiddleheadin’ Pros
Gifted Belfast videographer Jeremy Grant introduces us to pro foragers, John and his father Daryl. They'll take us fiddleheadin' in an undisclosed location. Then after they clean 'em up, we can see how the various dishes turn out at a local restaurant. This is bona fide Maine farm to table in action right here.
A New Episode of Maine’s Temp Tales Cartoon Is Coming January 30
2021 is off to a much better start now that we have confirmation of the release of the 4th episode of The Great Lost Strain. What the frig ya waiting for? Let's get after it! TEMP TALES: THE GREAT LOST STRAIN EPISODE IV TRAILER O'Chang Comics consistently take us into a world of wicked dubbahs that are chuggin beers, puffin' bowls, and sometimes finishin' the job...
Watch A Brilliant & Super Fun Maine-Made Bohemian Rhapsody Video
Sean Slaughter and the Masterstroke band have teamed with friends remotely for a brilliant and super fun Maine-made video of Bohemian Rhapsody. You'll even see BLM's Captain Ivy and his family during the Wayne's World type head-banging scene. There's also a superstar cameo appearance by Brian May adding his legendary guitar playing. Wowza!

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