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Friggin' Funny Friday: Captain Wrecks Sternman's Lunch
It's a Friday in Blimpville and we'd like to do our part in making it a friggin funny one! This oughta do the trick right heeya mistah. Harpswell's Teagan Wright is back with another on-the-water report from the back of the fishin' boat from the rockbound coast of Maine.
You Gotta See This Kickass Maine Canoe Race
Jeremy Grant's got a real knack for consistently creating high-quality, entertaining stuff. This video also incorporates drone shots for great flyover perspectives of the racers riding the wild rapids with the goal of reaching the finish line in the Queen City's downtown. SEND IT, GUY!!
Wicked Funny: Maine Tick Music Video By Flooded Cellar
Now let's have some fun with a band from Lovell in Oxford County. They call themselves Flooded Cellar and when the warm weather finally arrives they enjoy fishing on Kezar Lake. They also like to stroll through the tall grass in wide open spaces and hike the wooded trails. Along with these natu…
Wicked Funny: Bob Marley Doesn't Go the Gahden Anymoah
Hear the story of the last time Bob brought the family to a Bruins game and decided to the grab the wrist of a wicked big dude in front of him who was twirlin' that towel like "a helicoptah"! Let's just say it ended with a little mess. Good thing Bob had a towel of his own.

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